Film Review: Apostle

October 20, 2018 Owen Morawitz 0

A remote island cloaked in mystery, religious fanatics, ritualistic sacrifice and a whole lot of blood. ‘Apostle’ is a vivid and enthralling mash-up of action and horror cinema. Is there a new cult classic in the making? Owen reviews.

Television Review: Maniac

October 16, 2018 Simon Hall 0

Netflix’s Maniac is a retro-futurist romp through the psyche, plumbing the depth of its troubled characters through an array of homages to genre cinema.

Film Review: Celeste

October 15, 2018 Simon Hall 0

The Brisbane International Film Festival kicks off with Celeste, a moody drama set in the heart of the stunning rainforests of far north Queensland.

FilmBunker Podcast #19: Venom

October 12, 2018 FilmBunker 0

This week on the FilmBunker Podcast, we discuss the latest news concerning the Mandalorian TV series, Good Omens and Black Mirror before we finally get to review a film everyone has been waiting for—Venom.

Film Review: A Star Is Born

October 9, 2018 Kelsey Clark 0

An actor making his directional debut and a pop singer walk into a bar and form a heartfelt relationship in ‘A Star is Born’. Are their stars on the rise, or are we seeing these two talents decline? Kelsey reviews.