Film Review: Smallfoot

September 20, 2018 Matthew Lind 1

Sometimes films completely surprise you. Matthew Lind went into Smallfoot expecting a silly film about a smallfoot. Read his review to find out what he got instead.

Film Review: A Simple Favour

September 16, 2018 Ciaran K. Kerr 0

Paul Feig’s latest entry is dark comedy/mystery thriller ‘A Simple Favour.’ Mapped by a best-selling novel and starring two of Hollywood’s most likeable actresses, this film has got to be enjoyable… right? Ciaran reviews.

Film Review: The Predator

September 15, 2018 Izrin Ariff 0

Emerging from planet sequel, ‘The Predator’ is the newest film to take a classic monster and, well, sell tickets from it. Is this a blatant fan-service cash-grab, or something more? Izzy reviews.

FilmBunker Podcast Episode #15: Piglet is a B**ch

September 15, 2018 FilmBunker 0

This week, the crew talk about some fresh movies: the feel-good Christopher Robin, rom-com Crazy Rich Asians, and new Aussie-dramedy The Flipside. Meanwhile, two horror movies battle it out for a spot in the bunker, and Kelsey has a strange outburst.

Film Review: The Nun

September 8, 2018 Matthew Lind 0

The Conjuring Universe’s latest, ahem, conjuring is The Nun. Read Matthew Lind’s review to find out if the supernatural ghost nun is as scary as real-life boarding school.

FilmBunker Podcast Episode #14: Disenchantment

September 5, 2018 FilmBunker 0

This week, the crew discuss some fresh television shows: the spooky New Zealand mockumentary ‘Wellington Paranormal’, and the new Matt Groening outing ‘Disenchantment’. Meanwhile, Simon skirts past an existential crisis.