Interview: David Barker

March 17, 2019 Owen Morawitz 0

Owen talks with Australian director David Barker after the premiere of his debut feature film ‘Pimped’. David takes us deep into the process of creating the film and what he learned from it, as well as his thoughts on the film’s critical reception and what he’s enjoying in current cinema.

Film Review: Pimped

March 14, 2019 Owen Morawitz 1

A challenging and intense thriller, David Barker’s feature film debut ‘Pimped’ tackles rich issues surrounding identity and masculinity without pulling its punches.

Interview: Diego Hallivis

February 13, 2019 Owen Morawitz 0

After viewing the indie sci-fi thriller ‘Curvature’, we decided to sit down with Diego Hallivis, discussing Mexican directors, independent film-making, and brotherhood.