Film Review: Pimped

March 14, 2019 Owen Morawitz 1

A challenging and intense thriller, David Barker’s feature film debut ‘Pimped’ tackles rich issues surrounding identity and masculinity without pulling its punches.

Film Review: Storm Boy

December 22, 2018 Kelsey Clark 0

A vivid tale of nature, love and memory, Storm Boy does its source material justice without treading on the toes of the 1976 adaptation.

Film Review: Boy Erased

November 1, 2018 Owen Morawitz 0

Based on the memoir by Garrad Conley and adapted for the screen by Aussie filmmaker Joel Edgerton, Boy Erased exposes the insidious and harmful practice of gay conversion therapy with an ensemble of seasoned and new actors. Owen reviews.

Film Review: Celeste

October 15, 2018 Simon Hall 0

The Brisbane International Film Festival kicks off with Celeste, a moody drama set in the heart of the stunning rainforests of far north Queensland.

Film Review: The Flip Side; comedy, drama, film review, Eddie Izzard

Film Review: The Flip Side

September 2, 2018 Matthew Lind 0

Matthew Lind went to see a movie that he was told was going to be about wine, but turned out to be about (ugh) people. Why does he always get the movies with people in them? Hey, it was an Australian comedy starring Eddie Izzard though.

Sweet Country

Film Review: Sweet Country

January 3, 2018 Simon Hall 0

Sweet Country certainly lives up to its name, though its awe-inspiring depiction of the Australian outback is inseparable from the harsh story told alongside it.