Trailer Talk: The Lion King

November 23, 2018 Nic Musumeci 2

The hype train is full steam ahead for Disney’s CGI-laden ‘Lion King’ remake. Today, a trailer just dropped, and the internet has gone wild. Does it look like a cash-grab, or something more? Nic breaks down the latest teaser.

Film Review: The Grinch

November 19, 2018 Kelsey Clark 1

December is closing in, and studios around the globe are scrambling to release the latest Christmas classic. Does Illumination’s version of ‘The Grinch’ steal our hearts, or waste our time? Kelsey reviews.

Film Review: Smallfoot

September 20, 2018 Matthew Lind 1

Sometimes films completely surprise you. Matthew Lind went into Smallfoot expecting a silly film about a smallfoot. Read his review to find out what he got instead.

FilmBunker Podcast #14: Disenchantment

September 5, 2018 FilmBunker 0

This week, the crew discuss some fresh television shows: the spooky New Zealand mockumentary ‘Wellington Paranormal’, and the new Matt Groening outing ‘Disenchantment’. Meanwhile, Simon skirts past an existential crisis.

Matt Groening's Disenchantment Season 1 Television Review

Television Review: Disenchantment

August 26, 2018 Ciaran K. Kerr 0

From the mind of ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Futurama’ alum Matt Groening, ‘Disenchantment’ is a fantasy-set adventure that has graced our Netflix accounts this month. Great comedy, or a disappointment? Ciaran reviews.

Isle of Dogs

Film Review: Isle of Dogs

April 12, 2018 Ciaran K. Kerr 0

Ciaran loves Wes Anderson. Ciaran was tasked with writing a review about his latest film. Ciaran found herself overwhelmed by this prospect, and has just bashed together a string of sentences about aesthetics. Join her on this journey.

Early Man

Film Review: Early Man

March 28, 2018 Richard Houlihan 0

Aardman animation Early Man breaks no new ground, but the simple humour and creativity in juxtaposing modern sports culture with ancient history is enough to keep the film feeling vital throughout.