Television Review: Maniac

October 16, 2018 Simon Hall 0

Netflix’s Maniac is a retro-futurist romp through the psyche, plumbing the depth of its troubled characters through an array of homages to genre cinema.

Film Review: Celeste

October 15, 2018 Simon Hall 0

The Brisbane International Film Festival kicks off with Celeste, a moody drama set in the heart of the stunning rainforests of far north Queensland.

Sweet Country

Film Review: Sweet Country

January 3, 2018 Simon Hall 0

Sweet Country certainly lives up to its name, though its awe-inspiring depiction of the Australian outback is inseparable from the harsh story told alongside it.


Film Review: Flatliners

October 15, 2017 Simon Hall 0

It’s hard to resist the puns when reviewing a film called Flatliners. This reviewer is too proud to resort to such tactics, but not too proud to vaguely skirt around the idea so that you have no option but to make the puns yourself.

Happy Death Day

Film Review: Happy Death Day

October 14, 2017 Simon Hall 0

Happy Death Day takes the premise of Groundhog Day and turns it into a slasher mystery. While its success as a film is subjective, it throws enough satirical spaghetti at the wall that its message sticks.