Film Review: Halloween

October 27, 2018 Sarah Clarry 0

Endorsed as the true sequel to the classic 1970s slasher film ‘Halloween’, our resident horror fanatic Sarah Clarry went to see if the new film in the franchise has people shaking in their boots or shaking their heads.


Film Review: Unsane

May 2, 2018 Sarah Clarry 0

Soderbergh’s Unsane delivers an experimental and all-too-believable tale of horror, albeit one that is undercut by simple script failings.

Truth or Dare

Film Review: Truth or Dare

April 16, 2018 Sarah Clarry 0

While Truth or Dare doesn’t cover much new ground on the horror front it does pose a few interesting questions to its audience. Our resident horror movie film fanatic has given us her verdict on the latest offering from Blumhouse.

Monsieur Chocolat

Film Review: Monsieur Chocolat

July 3, 2017 Sarah Clarry 0

Chocolat follows the story Rafael Padilla (Omar Sy), the first prominent black performer on the French stage. Rafael transitions into the performer Chocolat; part of a famous clown double act. His journey begins in the Belle Epoque era from humble beginnings performing as an exotic black chief named Kananga at the small Delvaux Circus.