Film Review: Hereditary

June 9, 2018 Richard Houlihan 0

While upcoming director Ari Aster doesn’t stray from horror tropes in Hereditary, its excellent execution and a stellar performance by Toni Collette embody everything that makes horror cinema terrifying.

Early Man

Film Review: Early Man

March 28, 2018 Richard Houlihan 0

Aardman animation Early Man breaks no new ground, but the simple humour and creativity in juxtaposing modern sports culture with ancient history is enough to keep the film feeling vital throughout.

Darkest Hour

Film Review: Darkest Hour

December 26, 2017 Richard Houlihan 0

Darkest Hour is an effective portrayal of Winston Churchill’s rise to power, though it might more accurately be described as an exhibition of Gary Oldman’s uncanny ability to sink into a role.