Film Review: Boy Erased

November 1, 2018 Owen Morawitz 0

Based on the memoir by Garrad Conley and adapted for the screen by Aussie filmmaker Joel Edgerton, Boy Erased exposes the insidious and harmful practice of gay conversion therapy with an ensemble of seasoned and new actors. Owen reviews.

Film Review: Mandy

October 24, 2018 Owen Morawitz 0

Featuring an unhinged performance from Nicolas Cage, ‘Mandy’ is a drug-fuelled revenge horror romp through the grindhouse tradition of old. But is it worth the trip? Owen reviews.

Film Review: Apostle

October 20, 2018 Owen Morawitz 0

A remote island cloaked in mystery, religious fanatics, ritualistic sacrifice and a whole lot of blood. ‘Apostle’ is a vivid and enthralling mash-up of action and horror cinema. Is there a new cult classic in the making? Owen reviews.