Film Review: Captain Marvel

March 6, 2019 Ciaran K. Kerr 3

Captain Marvel has finally arrived on the big screen. With fan expectations split down the middle and unprecedented franchise momentum behind it, the film is poised to make a splash one way or another. Does it allay fans’ fears, or fall into a trap of its own making? Ciaran reviews.

Film Review: Alita: Battle Angel

February 13, 2019 Ciaran K. Kerr 0

After being in development hell for many years, ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ has finally been released to Hollywood screens. Thankfully, we had a reviewer in just the right condition to view it.

Film Review: The Mule

January 22, 2019 Ciaran K. Kerr 0

Clint Eastwood reprises his usual role of Korean-war veteran embroiled in a crime gang in his latest ‘The Mule’. Worth a watch, or just a reminder to watch ‘Gran Torino’ instead?

Editorial: In-Flight Entertainment, Circa 2018

January 14, 2019 Ciaran K. Kerr 0

One of our resident reviewers went on holiday. Rather than recount her experiences overseas, she thought it more entertaining to give a summary of her in-flight viewing experience. See what she watched and what she thought of those films here.

Film Review: The Kid Who Would Be King

January 14, 2019 Ciaran K. Kerr 0

Over the years, we have been exposed to a slew of terribly written King Arthur stories, making the legend a bit of a curse for filmmakers. Could the future of this mythological figure rest in… a twelve-year-old boy? Ciaran reviews.