FilmBunker is the brainchild of two successful film honours graduates and one journo who all love a good movie. FilmBunker is a website with honest opinions and in-depth discussions about the latest new releases, the golden oldies, and the cult classics.

FilmBunker publishes film commentary, film essays, film reviews, interviews, and podcasts.



Ciaran Kerr

Ciaran is a film honours graduate with a passion for superhero flicks, Wes Anderson and the latest cinematic endeavours. She has an extensive record and comic collection and an extensive knowledge of film genre and academic film study. She also spends her spare time reviewing, editing and designing for FilmBunker.

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is a film honours graduate who loves the Western genre, high-octane action films, and pulpy sci-fi. Simon firmly believes we are living in the Golden Age of television. In his spare time, Simon saves us all by fixing our WordPress errors, writing, and editing reviews for FilmBunker.

Sarah Clarry

Sarah works as a freelance journalist for various publications throughout Brisbane. Studying journalism and literature is handy in being FilmBunker’s editor (Grammarly helps too). Her specialties include Horror movies, Czech New Wave, terrible cult films and anything weird and wonderful. She is an avid follower of Tommy Wiseau and loves a good book.


Would you like to write for us?

If you would like to become one of our writers please send us an email at filmbunkerreview@gmail.com. Please give us a brief paragraph about yourself and your favourite film. Please include a writing sample for our editor to peruse. This writing sample should be a review of any film (old or new) and is set at a maximum of 300 words.

It is our recommendation that you acquaint yourself with the reviews we publish to become familiar with our tone and style. We encourage writers of all ages and backgrounds to apply; as Forest Gump says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”