Trailer Talk: Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission Impossible: Fallout

When writing these articles, I usually open with a witty statement about the genre of the film or the mechanics of a trailer. Most of the time this is because the movie looks really bad or cheesy, or its because the trailer is inadequate. For Mission Impossible: Fallout… I’ve got nothing. What can I say? I actually like this trailer. Now, I know I’m a bit late on this one (especially since it was released back in February) and the proverbial ship had sailed far past me so I’m going to keep this one short. I managed to catch this trailer for the first time in the cinema. This is a different experience for me, especially since I usually click on a trailer when hunched over my phone, scrolling through my Facebook feed or YouTube recommendations.  It came on when I was sitting in a cinema, hyped and about to watch Infinity War, and nestled in-between trailers I had expected, namely Solo: A Star Wars Story, was Mission Impossible: Fallout.

This one is hard for me to explain. There’s nothing all that amazing about it as it just presents a pretty much standard action movie trailer. There’s epic music, witty one liners and Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise, namely doing lots of stunts. I know that these movies are basically just a big set piece so that Tom Cruise can jump off buildings, hang off Airplanes, and in Fallout, do what looks like some insane shit with helicopters, but this trailer has hooked me into thinking that maybe there is a little more to this flick than just that. There’s a charm to it, the characters look fun,  and Henry Cavill genuinely looks more comfortable in the few scenes of him here than he did throughout the entirety of Justice League. Of course, the trailer is peppered with a few fight scenes and they do look awesome, especially when we are shown parts of a Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill fight scene taking place in a bathroom that looks especially brutal.

I really can’t say much else about the trailer other than it feels very well crafted, there’s just something about it that has hooked me in, taking me from not caring about this movie at all to being genuinely excited to go see this on the big screen. I’m a sucker for action spy movies–so maybe the disappointment of the last Bond and Kingsman has left me a bit more hopeful that something fun will come back to the genre. Maybe I’m just looking at this through rose tinted glasses…if all else has failed me, maybe I can look to Ethan Hunt as a comforting constant? I would like to think there’s something else at play, and that out there somewhere there’s a master trailer editor sitting behind their computer screen smiling. Either way, this movie just earned an extra viewer.

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