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Trailer Talk: Avengers: Infinity War



It’s here people! The trailer of the decade is here! A culmination of 10 years, 17 (by the time the film comes out 18) movies and a Helicarrier load of superpowers finally brings us Avengers: Infinity War. The first teaser trailer dropped today after yesterday’s announcement and the best way to describe it as the purest form of hype. Everything about this film has always been described that way. In the coming days, expect YouTube and social media to be flooded by trailer reactions and breakdowns. It hasn’t gone over my head that I’m directly contributing to that but… how could I not? I and millions of fans have been waiting for this since Thanos gave a sly grin in his favourite chair. Since that moment, quality films and fans’ hype have fuelled interest in the MCU’s future. Infinity war is the culmination of every Marvel flick since Iron Man—so, does Marvel keep the hype train rolling with its very first trailer?

We open with various shots of some of the big hitters. We see Tony distraught, Banner smashed, Black Widow blonde and Thor lost, while each hero has their own slice of monologue explaining why the Avengers were formed (and no, billions of dollars in cinema tickets isn’t the answer); “We could fight the battles… that they never could.” The Avengers theme swells as the iconic Marvel logo starts to flicker and, let’s be honest, the Goosebumps begin. As the logo fades we hear the voice of Josh Brolin’s Thanos tell our heroes of failure and, for the first time, we believe him—the Avengers COULD fail in some way here. We see shots of Tony alongside Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner (team High IQ!), Peter Parker’s Spidey senses flaring as a giant alien ship hovers over New York (side note: Peter’s spidey senses have been missing in the MCU, so this shot has made my inner fanboy happy), and Loki holding the Tesseract (he did take it in Thor: Ragnarok! Oh, Loki, you predictable bastard!). Thanos finally appears, and his monologue ends with, “Destiny arrives.” In that moment, you can actually feel it. This film has been Marvel’s destiny from the beginning. From here, we see Peter Parker in the full Iron Spider suit (which looks absolutely amazing), T’challa being a badass monarch, right into revealing Steve Rogers—beardy and ready to fight. The trailer wraps up with a montage of action sequences with our smorgasbord of heroes (money shots ahoy!), as well as what seems to be an all-out war as the Wakandan army battles Thanos’ soldiers. Through this, the Avengers theme swells in the background until it hits fever pitch with the logo. In true Marvel fashion, after the logo, we get a quick snippet of Thor meeting the Guardians. I mean, this cosmic threat couldn’t be met without our cosmic heroes.

In recent years I have tried my best not to get to hyped for a film before seeing it, as it too often leads to disappointment. But this trailer got me. I can’t help it… it’s managed to break through my ever-growing cynicism. Seeing Cap step out of the shadows, Peter in his Iron Spider suit, Thanos holding up the Infinity Gauntlet, and just hearing the damn music has built up my expectations. Please, Russo Brothers, the eyes are on you—don’t disappoint us.

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